"I have been blessed that many patients have left kind comments touting the benefits that they have received from Chiropractic. Thank-you all. Here is a selection of quotes taken from letters patients have written to us, or from our Chiropractic Success Story forms. Remember that results may vary from person to person. "
- Dr. Brent Willox -

  • "Dear Dr. Brent, Giby and I appreciate your excellent care & treatment. You are making a great difference in the quality of our lives. Thank-you! We have such respect for your skill and knowledge."
    Mirium McGowan , Burnaby
  • "I had constant pain in the neck & back which caused headaches, eye pressure, and general grumpiness. Since Chiropractic with Dr. Willox, my general well being and happiness have improved, eye pressure is gone. The ways in which my life has changed is endless and if you have ever tried to live your life in constant pain you know what I mean. I really think Dr. Willox is a very special person, who has a very special gift being able to help others live their lives to their full potential."
    Danny Carlson , North Vancouver
  • "At its's worst I experienced discomfort or pain daily. It affected my life as I thought about it most of my waking hours. When I started seeing Dr. Willox most of the discomfort passed. What has impressed me about Dr. Willox is that he intuits problems that I have been having for many years."
    Steve Roberts , Vancouver
  • " I suffered debilitating Chronic Myofascial Pain (TMJ, Headaches, Neck/Shoulder/Back Pain ) which affected all aspects of my life. I was struggling emotionally and unable to work full time. Very soon after starting chiropractic with Dr. Willox, my energy levels began to rise beyond what I had experienced in years. I had a new ease in moving my body. My mind cleared and my memory returned to its former strength. Brent sees and supports his patient's capacity to heal and gives them hope. Vancouver Wellness is a place where real change happens."
    Danielle G. , Vancouver
  • "I have done a great deal of Chiropractic work over many years and I believe that Dr. Willox has truly "hit home" with me. Dr. Willox is a very good chiropractor and has given me a new "lease" on my mental and physical wellness"
    Al Robinson , Vancouver
  • "When I've lapsed in being adjusted, I've experienced migraines, insomnia, sciatica, frequent colds, menstrual irregularities, and digestive issues. Dr. Willox's methods are gentle and non-invasive but very effective."
    Tate , Vancouver
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  • "I was feeling tired most of the time with chronic pain and headaches. After a few weeks, I now have energy, not so much pain, sleeping easier, and more concentration. I can now cope with everyday problems better. Dr. Willox takes time to answer all my questions. The atmosphere in the office makes you feel better."
    Benigna Nemersky, Vancouver
  • "I experienced sharp pain which impaired my ability to do my job as a symphony violinist. After seeing Dr. Willox, I had increased flexibility, improved coordination, and optimism regarding my ability to continue working. He also helped me during and after my pregnancy. Wonderful, sensitive, compassionate care with definite results."
    Karen , Vancouver
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